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I've been blessed to have been born at this time and place in the grand scheme of things. I've lived for 63 years in relative comfort, and good health, because of the advancements made in medical and technology sciences. The United States of America, in my lifetime, has been a stable and safe place to grow up and prosper. I've never gone to bed hungry or lacked the necessities of life. This has not been true for many in the rest of the world. In my lifetime the world's population has tripled. The impact of so many humans is stressing the environment, and natural resources, to near a breaking point. I don't mean to say there will be a collapse tomorrow, but the world will be a very different place after a few more generations of humans.

I feel that it is irresponsible to squander limited resources and become a burden on my family, friends, and/or society. It is my life, therefore my choice as to how, and when, it will end. Prolonged agony, in old age, is not the way I want to live my last years. I want to go out while I'm feeling good and have a decent quality of life.

The decision to end things this way was not a quick, or easy, one. I will try to make it as painless as I can for those I leave behind. Don't weep for me, but remember the good times we had.

See ya' on the other side.

Leroy K Beal

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