Sears Allstate Compact Scooter

My  first motorcycle was a used Sears Allstate Compact Scooter.  I bought it from a friend of my brothers, in 1965, for $15.00. He had been working on restoring it for about a month. For some reason, he was never able to get the motor to run. In frustration, he broke down and bought a new Yamaha Motorcycle. I dismantled the carburetor partway, messed with it awhile, put it back together, and fired up the engine. I'm not sure what I did, but the thing ran like a champ after that. A weird thing is, I had a spring left over after reassembly.

Sears Allstate Compact Scooter - my first motorcycle

That bike opened my horizons. A friend and I would travel all over the Vallejo, CA area. I had to get rid of it when my family soon moved. We all have to start somewhere.