Radio Caddy Fairing continued

It took about a week for a large box to arrive on my porch.  Inside was a mold injected polypropylene fairing, lexan windscreen, and a bag of fasteners. I would have to come up with some type of mounting brackets. This fairing was designed to bolt on to a or Harley-Davidson Softtail or Road King. To work on my Volusia, I would have to modify it to fit.

Out of the box                    Out of the box

This is how it looks out of the box. The build quality is good. The edges need final finishing, but that will be taken care of during painting.

Mounting brackets                    Mounting brackets

I was fortunate that my Rifle Windscreen mounting bracket could be used with this fairing. I could bolt on some custom brackets for a solid attachment setup. It took three tries to make a set of brackets that would bring the fairing close to the headlight.

Area removed

I had to grind out part of the front fairing. This allowed the fairing to come close to the headlight. I found that my belt sander was the best tool for the job.

Modified headlight bracket

I cut the headlight bracket and welded in a 3/4" spacer. This pushed the headlight forward enough to give the correct final appearance.

Me at work

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